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UniTargetingResearch AS offers upstream solutions to reduce cDNA → MCB timelines and increase protein production yields. We offer Know-how, Molecular Tools and Services to optimize mammalian production platforms;

  • Improvement of production platforms UTR(R)Betatech / UTR(R)Tailortech
  • Optimised proprietory vector system UTR(R)Vec 
  • Vectors specified for protein of interest        UTR(R)Provec

Cell Line Development & Engineering 2015 

9-12  February  2015,  Dublin




Novartis Pharma AG will present data from collaboration  with UniTargetingResearch ;                                                  "Use of UTR(R)Betatech and UTR(R)Tailortech to further optimize the Company's mammalian expression vector" at  Cell Line Development & Engineering 2015 in Dublin

UTR(R)Betatech and UTR(R)Tailortech licenced, non exclusive, to International Biopharmaceutical Company (Dec 2013)

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